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This is in no way intended to be a complete script. Some translation may be wrong, but if your Japanese is good enough you can catch it, why are you here? ^_^

Youji: "He says Soubi can't even move. Who the hell was he fighting with?"
(Zero wonders who called them. Natsuo says from their voice they sounded pretty beat up. He tries calling back but can't get through. When they reach Soubi and Ritsuka, they see their phones and realize it was neither of them.)

The driver tells them not to get the seat dirty (with blood)

Zero talks about getting to meet Loveless for the first time. They tease him, call him cute, etc. Ritsuka tell them not to touch him.

Soubi tells them to cut it out. They ask why he called them if Ritsuka was there. He says it's too bad Ritsuka is there, and he was really trying to reach Kio.

Soubi tells Ritsuka he can get out here since he has a curfew, and Ritsuka says there's no way he's leaving.

Kouya and Yamato make contact with Nagisa-sensei. They give her a picture of the butterfly earring they took from his ear.

Nagisa is excited but then she notices Yamato's injury, and asks if she got hit by Soubi.

Yamato says she's okay.

Nagisa: "In the zero series like you, there were a lot of genetic engineering bugs. If Kouya is causing you problems, I could trade her with a new Sacrifice."

Kouya says there's only Yamato for her.

Nagisa scolds her and says that's "natural" talk, but that the artifical zero series can be exchanged as much as she wants.

Kouya objects to the mere idea, but Yamato just assures her that she understands if Kouya were to become a burden, Yamato herself would die.

Anyway Nagisa says glad she understands.

After the conference Yamato just wants to go eat, but Kouya demands to talk about that little issue. Yamato treats it like Kouya's taking it all too seriously, and says "let's go get donuts!"

Kouya runs after her. "Yamato! If you really want to end the conversation that badly, kiss me."

Yamato: "If you insist."
(whispering) "You're all flushed."
(whispering) "If you like me that much, let's get donuts."

Kouya: "We might get fat."

Back at the bishounen pad:

Ritsuka wonders if they need a doctor, but Youji and Natsuo assure he can completely heal with a night's rest.

Youji: "Look, he's completely healed from where I stuck a nail through his hand."

Ritsuka: "You did that!?"

Conversation distracted by Natsuo offering soda and calling him cute.

Youji brings the conversation back to Fighting Units (I know most of the subbers use "Fighter," but sentouki is fighter like a jet fighter so.. anyway...) He scolds Ritsuka for letting his fighting unit get that messed up.

Ritsuka argues that it's because Soubi never calls him, and Youji scoffs, saying he should always be able to tell when his fighting unit commences battle. "Because you're connected!"

Youji continues: "It's shameful! Working together but not connected. You and Soubi are the only ones like that."

Natsuo says to stop it, and says something about the old partnership. He says Soubi was amazingly powerful when he was with Seimei.

Ritsuka asks what they know, but they don't know why he was killed because they were with Nagisa-sensei at the time. Natsuo says she's doing research on fighting units, and is the one who made them.

Ritsuka: "made?"

Youji: "You really don't know anything, do you?"

Ritsuka pleads with them to tell him, because he's tired of not understanding anything.

At the dark office of evil doctors:

Nagisa busts in and pesters Ritsu while he's trying to work, asking if he saw the picture she sent by email. (Ritsu: "I saw who the sender was and deleted it.") She says it's proof her zero fighting units beat Soubi. He says it's unbelievable, and that she cheated.

He says it wasn't really a fight because he wasn't fighting under orders from his Sacrifice.

Nagisa says Ritsu over-estimates Soubi.
Ritsu: Whether I'm overestimating him or not, your zero units could never win against Soubi.
Nagisa: They could!
Ritsu: Even if they weren't zero units, they couldn't win.
He tells her anyway, obey the rules in fights.
More bickering, ending with her "I will make you cry!"
(I think..?)

[Commercial bumper]

Back at the bishounen sleepover, Natsuo says that basically all fighting units obey the will of the sacrifice, and Soubi is especially the type who likes to do everything for his Sacrifice.

Youji: "The ideal fighting unit, though I don't like it. Strong, and no will."

Youji says that's why Ritsuka's no good. "If the owner hesitates, it's the dog who gets confused. You should just give him orders. That's what he wants."

Ritsuka: "I am not his owner."

Natsuo: "Seimei kept him like a dog."

Youji: "If you can't do that, you won't become his sacrifice."

The donut shop:

While Kouya is still emotionally distraught and throwing up in the bathroom, Nagisa calls on her cell phone and Yamato picks up. Nagisa says they need to do it again, and this time get both Soubi and Ritsuka. When nagisa realizes who's on the phone and asks where Kouya is is, Yamato says she's throwing up. "She might be pregnant."

Nagisa demands to know who's baby.

Yamato: "Mine."

Kouya comes out and Yamato teases her a little about the baby thing. Finally she asks, "what are you afraid of?"

Kouya thinks: "of losing you." And reflects more on how she couldn't stand it if nagisa-sensei switched sacrifices.

Yamato looks back at her "Kouya, you just think so strongly about it. But.. you should become mine. You should become mine."


Natsuo says there are always matched Sacrifices and Fighting Units. He has wondered where Loveless's fighting unit is.

They discuss that Soubi is not Ritsuka's fighting unit. He is Beloved's. And somewhere there is a fighting unit with the name Loveless. They say when that person does show up, it will be Sayonara for Soubi. Since the right match will be much stronger.

Ritsuka says that doesn't matter.

Soubi comes to, and echoes that it doesn't matter.

Suddenly they all hear something, and Zero remarks that Ritsuka has progressed to be able to tell when a fighting unit is approaching.

Youji and Natsuo go out to check it out, and tell Ritsuka to wait there.

There's a cute exchange between the two Zero groups. The boys call the girls middle aged women, and find it laughable that they call themselves Zero. (Apparently they didn't realize there were more of them.)

Meanwhile, Soubi also seems to be having a few emotional issues. He tells Ritsuka that he loves him again, and Ritsuka tells him this is not the time for that. Soubi once again repeats that "it doesn't matter," and then adds "..others." Ritsuka interprets this to mean the people outside, but I think Soubi is more talking about the absent fighting unit just under discussion.

Outside, Kouya in her state doesn't want to see any other zero units, and it quite ready "to settle who is necessary" right then and there.

Yamato doesn't want to see a fight between Zero units. She says something about using "that spell" to Kouya. The boys meanwhile, seem more than ready to rumble with the "middle aged ladies"


"Is it really okay just to leave them out there?"

(Okay bear with me on the writing, my kanji's awful. best guesses here.
[writing: This skin gets in the way]
[writing: It separates me from you. This skin gets in the way]

Making out gets interrupted by a scream. Natsuo demands to know what they did, and they say it was a total binding spell that "as zero you wouldn't know."
Natuso is understandably confused by this.

Yamato: "until the outcome is decided."

The girls set a battle date for tomorrow evening. Ritsuka agrees. Natsuo tells him not to, realizing there is something off with the girls. (Look who's talking!)

They ask if Soubi is okay with this, and he says of course, since Ritsuka decided to do it. "Because I am Ritsuka's fighting unit."

Next Episode:

(Talk between Ritsu-sensei and Soubi, though usually the voice overs have so little to do with the next episode, who knows if they'll even meet.)

Ritsu-sensei: "Soubi, even now you're still mine"

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