Angel's Feather

This is in no way intended to be a complete script. Some translation may be wrong, but if your Japanese is good enough you can catch it, why are you here? ^_^

I apologize for the relative brevity of this summary, but I got the file rather late, and had to get on a plane the next morning. I am going to try to hit all the important points that aren't obvious from watching the action.

Ritsuka goes over to Yayoi's house to play video games. While there, he sees a series of numbers that look a lot like the ones on the memo he got from Sleepless. When he asks about it, Yayoi tells him it's a rendevous for a net game. Ritsuka remembers Seimei also plays net games, and realizes that must be what the memo is. He runs home to make an account on the game in question. He has trouble finding a name that is not in use, and finally uses "Loveless."

Ritsu-sensei calls Soubi to ask how the fight went against Zero. Soubi mentions Ritsuka's name, and Ritsu-sensei asks who that is. Soubi accuses him of playing dumb, since he sent all those fighters and the memo. But Ritsu-sensei says he just lent the fighters out, and his only interest is Soubi (who hangs up on him).

While playing the game, someone puts an airborne drug in Ritsuka's room, and he starts dreaming. Seimei says he has been waiting for Ritsuka. When he tries to save his mother, right up until the end she tells him to stay away because he's not Ritsuka. When he reaches Yuiko, she says's she happy that she could finally do something for him. She will die for him. He cries for Soubi to save him.

When Soubi appears, he says "sorry, this is an order."
Ritsuka: An order? What do you mean? Everyone.. did you?
Soubi: Ritsuka, this is a dream. If you die here, the real you will awaken. Just as you wished for.
Ritsuka: No. I don't want to die yet.

Soubi says that's too bad, because it's destiny, decided before he was born. Just like the fact his name is Loveless.
Ritsuka screams not to call him Loveless, that his name is Ritsuka, and that he will decide his own destiny.
"Ritsuka, that was a good spell."

After Ritsuka checks up on everyone, Soubi comes running. He said he was worried because the cell phones wouldn't connect.

As they walk away, Soubi tells him it was a dream. And you-know-who in the shadows says "that wasn't just any dream. It's your future. It's your fate."

Then Ritsuka asks THE question: Soubi, if Seimei were to come back, and order you to kill me, what would you do?
Soubi: Seimei is dead.
Ritsuka: I know! That's why I said, if, IF you were ordered to by Seimei? Answer me Soubi! You'd kill me wouldn't you?
Soubi: Probably.
Ritsuka: I knew it. (Soubi grabs him) What is it? Let go of me!
Soubi: No, you're wrong. Listen to me.
Ritsuka: I don't want to hear your excuses!
Soubi: If that time came, I'd die first.
Ritsuka: Soubi?
Soubi: A life without Ritsuka, to me, isn't...
Ritsuka: Idiot.

[The talk in the ending credits is just allusions to the fact this is only the beginning]

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