Angel's Feather

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This is in no way intended to be a complete script. Some translation may be wrong, but if your Japanese is good enough you can catch it, why are you here? ^_^

Sensei: Welcome, you're right on time.

Kio says he isn't here to talk about himself.
Sensei: Case 1, 20 year-old art student.
Kio: My friend's become strange lately.

The zero boys report to Soubi on the movements and locations of their "target," Ritsuka. Spying on him in front of the train station, Youji says "but what's with that girl. It's not summer and she's still showing her tummy."
To Soubi on the phone: Better be careful or she'll steal Ritsuka away from you.
Soubi: Don't worry about that. Don't lose sight of them.

Kio reports that he followed Soubi that day, and he was acting like a perverted stalker.
Sensei: So you're saying you were stalking your roommate?
Kio: No! Anyway.. (He reports their train path.) They arrived at Minato Mirai in Yokohama.

[[The translator must here make an aside that she has lived and gone to school in this area! It really does look like that. If you want pictures of it, I have some up here.]]

When they get off the train, Soubi's waiting and asks who Kio is looking for.
Kio says something to the effect of "imagine meeting you here."

On the escalators Soubi thanks his "good friend" for coming. "Alone I'd worry about losing sight of them, but with both of us we'll be all right."
Kio: I am not helping you commit a crime!
Soubi: Don't worry, this is an act of love.

They think they were found out, and wonder why Hitomi-sensei is out with kids on a Sunday.
They notice Ritsuka is looking at his cell phone again. Soubi thinks "sorry for not sending any mail today. Ritsuka's still a child, so he doesn't know yet.."
Text: You remember more strongly when we're not together. (ie Absence makes the heart grow fonder.)

They arrive, and Yuiko runs in asking what they should ride. Not surprisingly, Yayoi says whatever she wants. She asks what Ritsuka wants to ride.
Kio asks if it wouldn't better to just go hang out with them.
Soubi says he can't. Ritsuka told him last night not to come. So he's here, waiting for it to be over, and letting Ritsuka see what it's like without him.

Soubi abruptly runs off when it looks like they're about to get on the Ferris wheel. When Kio finally catches up, Soubi says he couldn't see from where he was standing.
Soubi: You know don't you Ritsuka? "It would be better if Soubi was here."
Kio continues to call him a pervert, and when he takes the binoculars, tries to convince Soubi that Ritsuka is making out with Yuiko.
When he catches sight of them, it certainly looks suspicious. (Kio runs after him telling him to give up on Ritsuka.)

When Soubi reveals himself, he announces that he is taking Ritsuka to the Ferris Wheel.
Ritsuka makes various arguments about having just ridden it and finally demands to know why Soubi always breaks his promises. He orders him to "GO HOME!" about 5 times.

Kio reports that they took a ferry towards Yamashita Kouen (Park), but Soubi and Ritsuka seemed to have made up.

Katsuko-sensei gets upset at hearing it was Ritsuka on the Ferris Wheel with a girl.

Katsuko: Case 2, 23-year old female elementary school teacher

Hitomi: It was Saturday after school... (They have school on Saturdays in Japan.)
Yuiko and Yayoi talk Ritsuka into going to Yokohama tomorrow (instead of reading a book), partially because Yayoi says it will be a good memory.
Hitomi overhears and asks what they're up to, and ends up getting invited along.

(Yuiko is reading a guide to Yokohama.) They talk about what to do. (I can't tell what Yayoi suggests, but Yuiko doesn't like it.) She notices Ritsuka is checking his email again.
Hitomi worries that she's imagining seeing Soubi everywhere now.

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Just when she decides it must have been her imagination, she sees him coming up the escalator, and runs off still thinking it's not real.
She thinks it's too bad she has to ride the Ferris Wheel with a student, and then thinks she's hallucinating yet again.
Yayoi spies Ritsuka and Yuiko..
Hitomi imagines them talking about getting rid of their ears. Then she starts thinking about the fact she still has hers.

When they get off the ride, Yuiko is talking about it being fun, but Ritsuka says she was scared.
Hitomi concludes that Soubi was really there, but to him it's as though she wasn't there.
She says but then his whole attitude seemed to change on the ferry ride. And at Chinatown.. (something about just wanting him to look at her. I can't figure out if he did, or didn't.)
Katsuko orders another drink for Hitomi, only to discover she's been drinking watermelon and musk melon mixedjuice, nothing with alcohol.

Case 3: 12-year old male elementary school student
Soubi and Ritsuka talk about his memory-making trip for tomorrow. Ritsuka says he already has tons of photos with Soubi, and he doesn't want him to come.
Clearly contemplating something, Soubi says he won't come along, and then says good night.

Ritsuka was thinking that Soubi would send him weird mail or get in the way.
Yuiko takes Ritsuka on the Ferris Wheel, and tells the others to ride together.
He asks why she rode if she's scared of heights, and she says she wanted to be alone with Ritsuka.
But now she's scared and wants out. Ritsuka thinks that the wind is strong up here. And then.. "I want to show it to him.."

Katsuko: Ahh! So that's what happened!
Ritsuka asks what she means, but she says never mind and gets him to continue.

Ritsuka: When I got off, he was there. (Go home! Go home!)

Kio: So you're Aoyagi's little brother?
Ristuka: You knew Seimei?
Kio: No, I knew the person who was changed by him.

Soubi and Yuiko talk about bridges. (Yuiko mistakes the Bay Bridge for the Rainbow Bridge)

Kio: He was always beat up thanks to Seimei. But the worst was that he seemed to enjoy it. I'm sorry for you, but when I heard Seimei died, the truth is I was relieved. "Now he's free," I thought. But I was wrong. He became like a zombie. Even dead, Seimei was still controlling Soubi.

Kio: But, I feel better now. I thought you'd be the worst kind of brat since you were Seimei's little brother. But you seem pretty normal.
Ritsuka: Sorry I'm normal!
Kio: Don't be sorry. I didn't want you to be something else. Thanks to you, he's come back. From a zombie, to a human.

Soubi: You were trying to catch a butterfly? Yuiko told me there was a butterfly in the ferris wheel car.
Did you get it?
No, when we tried, it disappeared.
Do you really remember me when you look at a butterfly?
Yuiko didn't have to say that much..
Soubi: (After he takes his hand) Caught.

Ritsuka: I didn't know it could be this much fun to hang out with everyone.
Before, when someone told me they loved me, I just got confused.
But now, Everyone..
I love Yuiko. I love Yayoi. I love Shinomame-sensei. I love Soubi's friend Kio. And of course, Soubi too.

Katsuko-sensei: That's great. So did you take a lot of pictures?
Eh? No.. I really didn't take any.
Because, being with everyone was so much fun, I forgot.

Next episode:
Ritsuka: One day, suddenly, when you least expect it, your fate can change.
Soubi: Ritsuka, it's dangerous. You can't go alone!
Ritsuka:I can't stand this. Even though I'd finally come to care about everyone! I don't want anyone else to die.

Ritsuka: Soubi, I wanted to call your name.

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