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This is in no way intended to be a complete script. Some translation may be wrong, but if your Japanese is good enough you can catch it, why are you here? ^_^

Chalkboard: Kanji Test

Ritsuka recalls missing his curfew yesterday.
Mother's voice: My Ritsuka wasn't that kind of child!
Ritsuka feels bad for his mother, but he doesn't regret it.

Flashback to previous episode
Ritsuka wonders (through voiceover at the end in the rain) if he can fight like his brother could.
Hitomi-sensei cuts in, worried because he hasn't even put his name on the test

At school,I believe the students are working on an assignment to write a newspaper article. Yuiko thinks Ritsuka's tranfer to school is the biggest thing to happen, and she and Yayoi bicker about it, when Yamato shows up and catches Ritsuka's attention. He excuses himself.

Ritsuka confirms that their fight was for evening. She tells him that she'll treat him in the mean time. He rejects her, saying he has nothing to say to her. She tells him he sounds just like Seimei. This gets Ritsuka's interest. However then she proceeds to say he was always unpleasant to her, and Ritsuka argues with her, saying she must have started it. He tells her to quit talking about Seimei when she didn't know him well, and she says maybe it was Ritsuka who didn't know him.

Ritsuka thinks about the fact Yamato can't feel anything.
Yamato remarks that she lied, and he really doesn't seem like Seimei. Ritsuka retorts that he will someday, and Yamato tells him it's better not to. He gets mad about her badmouthing Seimei, and she just remarks that Seimei was a lot like Kouya.
She recalls her first meeting with Kouya, when they were both sixth graders.
Yamato: Hi! I'm Nakano Yamato. I've been waiting forever.
Kouya: Forever..

She says she understands Soubi's feelings. She'd been waiting to become Kouya's.
Ritsuka: Soubi isn't mine.
Yamato: That's true! Poor Soubi. Then she takes an interest in his bandages. Flashback to Kouya saying she cut herself because she was interesting in feeling pain just once, but she didn't. Yamato says she'll do the same, and she does. Kouya: Yamato! Yamato: "Even if your wrist doesn't hurt, if it hurts here.."

Back in the present, Yamato asks about Ritsuka's sacrifice name. She says it should be on him somewhere, though it may be in a hard to find place. She tells him it's very important, sharing that name with your fated person.
Ritsuka seems offended by the notion, and says it's something you should decide for yourself.
Yamato shows Ritsuka where her Sacrifice name is written, and asks if he wants to take a look.

Ritsu-sensei answers his cell phone, it's Soubi!
Soubi: Yes, I never thought I'd call you, but...

Flashback to when she and Kouya's names first appeared. Yamato comments that Kouya's breasts are small.

Yamato recalls that when she fights, the 0 mark fades. But just with her. Flashback to Nagisa-sensei's comment about the zero series have many bugs. She doesn't want to be different from Kouya.

Ritsu-sensei: The zero units started to fight, and then one fell right away? Ah, that's because the zero series don't have limitations between them. It has nothing to do with you.
Soubi: What happened?
Ritsu-sensei: A sacrifice switch.
Soubi: A switch?
Ritsu-sensei: Switching your sacrifice and your opponents.
Soubi: I didn't know that could be done.
Ritsu-sensei: The result is that your enemy's sacrifice will take damage from their own fighting unit's attacks.
Soubi: What's the spell?
Ritsu: Well, I think it's a different science.
Kouya: I sever this bond, and create a new one. (Sayonara Yamato)
Ritsu-sensei: [Something about being able to return to the original pairings, but damage remaining.] Doing that with a bond meant to be for life is reckless.
Yamato: (Is being controlled by a name foolish?) But this name is all she gave me. And now this name.. is disappearing.
Ritsu-sensei: Soubi, why don't you come by sometimes?
Soubi: I'd rather not. (and he hangs up.)
Soubi wonders why they'd fight like that.

Ristuka ponders why Soubi and Yamato(?) always seem like they're suffering. He notices the coffee has cooled.
Yamato returns, and says she's relieved Ritsuka seems like a normal kid. If he was like Seimei, she'd be worried.
Ritsuka says he thinks he knows her secret.

On the train later, Soubi says if they can they should end the fight quickly, since even though they don't feel pain Ritsuka does.
Ritsuka says he rejects such tactics. They have a sense of touch. Their nerves convey signals. It's not that they don't feel pain. It's just that somewhere along the path, the signal gets stopped. They're the same as us, human. Don't be fooled by the zero name. He'll prove that they hurt without realizing it.
Soubi starts to object, but Ritsuka demands they try it.

Ritsuka: The pain turns into something else.
Soubi: Pain, I like that word.

Battle declared and accepted.

Ritsuka gets Restriction'ed but orders Soubi to go with the plan.

Soubi attacks with needles meant to cause pain, and Kouya just asserts that it has no meaning to them.
Kouya attacks again, and says something about the elementary school student not cutting it, so his fighting unit will suffer.
Ritsuka says the ones to suffer are them.

Soubi attacks again. Kouya calls it pointless, but then sees Yamato stumble. She says she just fell.

Another round of attacks, which Soubi mostly deflects. He says he can't be beaten by those who don't know pain, as if they were dead. "But you seem alive to me." He attacks, making Yamato cry out. He goes for the finishing blow, but Ritsuka stops him. He says Soubi is going too far. Then he turns to Yamato and says she really does feel pain, she felt the coffee spill on her.

Yamato falls into Kouya's arms, still claiming it doesn't hurt. Kouya realizes what's happening, and demands to see the 0 name. When it's not there, she demands to know what happened. Yamato says she wants to know too. Why is it just her, why is she now getting in Kouya's way?

Ritsuka tells Soubi "it's over, it's over!"
Soubi: If we don't finish it...
Ritsuka: I said it's enough! It's fine if you don't, they're not going to fight.
Soubi: At a time like this, if it were Seimei..
Ritsuka: Are you going to listen to me or aren't you? Which is it?!
Soubi: You two, do you abandon the fight?
Kouya: I abandon it.
Soubi: That means your end as a fighting unit. Is that all right?
Kouya: Yes.
Soubi: Then we have no business here. It's over.

Yamato says it's all over. She can't be with Kouya anymore.
Kouya says even without the name, even if she's not zero, she loves Yamato. "Will you die together with me?"
Yamato: Okay, if that's what you want.
Kouya: This is the first time I've seen you cry. I've always thought "I think I want to die." Living is rather tedious. If I'm with you, I can die.
Yamato: I like Kouya alive. Living, warm, laughing and crying. But, if we're alive and can't be together-
Kouya: Yamato, you're my Sacrifice. You're my destiny- I was truly happy. More than my worthless self, I love you.

Nagisa answers her phone, assuming Kouya won, but Kouya tells her goodbye.
Kouya says she will always protect Yamato.
Text: Let's be reborn.

Yamato: Kouya, you're trembling.
Kouya: That's because it's the first time I've disobeyed Nagisa-sensei.

Kouya: I wonder if dying here tonight will become being born.
Yamato: Kouya, what are you saying? I don't understand.

Soubi: That is a fighting unit and their Sacrifice. They can't live when separated.
Ritsuka:You and Seimei, too?
Soubi: Yes. There was only Seimei for me. Though it wasn't like that for him.
Ritsuka: Seimei? Is it possible Soubi wasn't anything more than a tool to my brother?

Next Episode:

Yayoi: In Yokohama, and man and a woman will meet and be separated. Aoyagi-kun, the time for our confrontation has come!

The winner will get Yuiko-san's ears!

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