Angel's Feather

Episode 9: SKINLESS (click here for partial translation)

Youji and Natsuo help Ristuka get Soubi back to the apartment. While he sleeps they discuss the nature of fighting units and Sacrifices, and the fact that Soubi likes taking orders. "It's what he wants. Seimei kept him like a pet." They point out that Ritsuka's real destined fighting unit, the one that shares the name Loveless, is out there somewhere. Meanwhile, Nagisa-sensei is unhappy with Ritsu-sensei's reaction to her "victory." Then Kouya is distraught because Nagisa said it was possible to trade Sacrifices with the zero series, and Kouya is afraid of being separated from Yamato. As ordered by Nagisa, they go to challenge Loveless to a second match. In the process, the two zero pairs come face to face. Soubi wakes up in time to have a quick emotional moment with Ritsuka, and they agree to the fight.

Episode 10: NAMELESS (click here for partial translation)

Yamato comes to Ritsuka's school and talks him into going for coffee with her by talking about Seimei, who she says it's good Ritsuka is not like. He spills coffee on her. She jumps up, and then goes to clean it off. While there, we see flashbacks of her early time with Kouya, and there is an interspersed phonecall between Soubi and Ritsu-sensei. This collectively reveals (to the viewer) that the zero girls defeated the boys by temporarily switching Sacrifices, and that Yamato was willing to use such reckless tactics because the zero mark is fading from her chest due to genetic engineering bugs. On their way to the fight that evening, Ritsuka tells Soubi he thinks Yamato can feel pain, and to use that in the fight. Eventually Soubi does cause Yamato to cry out, revealing to Kouya that Yamato's zero qualities are fading. Soubi tries to finish them off but Ritsuka stops him. Kouya abandons the battle, ending her role as a fighting unit. The girls decide not to die, but to start a new llife together. Meanwhile, Ritsuka wonders more about what Seimei was like as Soubi's master.

Episode 11: WARLESS (click here for partial translation)

Kio shows up at Katsuko-sensei's office and reports on his worry about Soubi's behavior. He reports following Soubi, as Soubi followed Ritsuka, Yuiko, Yayoi, and Hitomi-sensei on a trip to Yokohama. They went to an amusement park, and it appeared that Ritsuka was kissing Yuiko in the ferris wheel car. Soubi runs over to take him on the ferris wheel himself, and Ritsuka gets furious that he's even there. Next we hear the tale from Hitomi's point of view. Her whole worry is that she's seeing Soubi everywhere. When they went to Chinatown (which isn't far from the amusement park in Yokohama) Soubi was finally nice to her and she was happy. At last we get the tale from Ritsuka's perspective. It turns out he and Yuiko were just trying to catch a butterfly, and she stumbled. Later, when they rode the boat to Chinatown, Kio told Ritsuka that he hadn't liked Seimei's effect on Soubi, but that Ritsuka seemed to be good for him. In Chinatown, Ritsuka had such a good time with everyone that he forgot to take pictures. He finally learned how to accept being liked, and liking others.

Episode 12: ENDLESS

Ritsuka is invited by Yuiko to play games at Yayoi's house. He notices something mysterious- a location and time for a net game that looks like the letters and numbers in the note he got from Sleepless. Without contacting Soubi Ritsuka concentrates on the game, and is suddenly overcome by drowsiness. A hand gently pats the sleeping Ritsuka's head. And as though ushered in by that hand, Ritsuka sees...

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