Angel's Feather

Episode 5: SLEEPLESS

While all the characters at school (except Yuiko!) are tired from staying up worrying about their various problems, a new pair of fighters comes to town. Ritsuka meets with Soubi to ask him about Seimei again. Instead of answering, Soubi informs him that if he beats the new fighters about to appear, he'll get some answers. Sure enough, Sleepless shows up with an envelope thet say contains what Ritsuka wants to know. Loveless beats Sleepless fairly easily, though in the course of the fight we discover Soubi's teacher back at the spell battle school is a sore spot for him. But the letter turns out to be nothing but a string of numbers and letters. After the fight, Ritsuka and Soubi exchange a couple sweet emails.

Episode 6: PAINLESS

The school-side characters try to talk Ritsuka into joining clubs, but he refuses (because he has to go to his psychologist appointments). Soubi tries to follow him to that afternoon's appointment. He talks to Katsuko-sensei about the fact that when he's mother's Ritsuka returns, he will disappear. After a talk about life and memories, she takes him out for a date. Meanwhile, Hitomi-sensei tries to pay a visit to Ritsuka's house, but runs into a creepy pair of little boys. Soubi interrupts and the boys reveal themselves as the paired fighters Zero. While Ritsuka's date continues, Soubi fights, and we see flashbacks of abuse at his old Sensei's hands, where we learn that Zero does not feel pain. They seem to be doing pretty well against him in the fight.!

Episode 7 TEARLESS

Ritsuka calls Soubi, but he doesn't pick up. Soubi finally beats the Zero boys by using an attack which lowers the temperature. They're apparently weak to it, but since they can't feel anything, don't realize how cold they're getting. (This idea comes from the flashbacks of Ritsu-sensei.) Just before they go down, Youji puts a nail through Soubi's hand for the fun of it. In another conversation where he attempts to put off Hitomi-sensei, he tells her it is better if he is alone, and is completely controlled by one person. Ritsuka senses something is wrong, and eventually catches up to the injured Soubi. He manages to hide his hand, but Ritsuka notices the blood afterwards. The next day when Hitomi tries to confiscate a game someone brought to school, they say something that reminds her of the conversation with Soubi and she over-reacts. She also tells Ritsuka about Soubi's injury. It also seems Soubi has taken in the Zero boys since they had nowhere else to go after their defeat.


Ritsuka's therapist tells him people can lie when they like someone. Ritsuka goes over some of the Seven Moons stuff again, and then orders Seimei to tell him from now on when something happens. Kio flips out at finding the Zero boys at Soubi's now. Kouya and Yamato are introduced, and get mail from Nagisa telling them to go fight Soubi. They identify themselves as zero and pull him into a fight. He tells them he's not going to call Ritsuka. They hurt him pretty badly by attacking his previous injuries. In the end, he quits fighting and lets them hurt him, saying no one ordered him to win. Ritsuka finds Soubi and demands to know why he broke his promise not to fight alone. Soubi can't walk and ultimately passes out without answering.

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